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Game Description

MineEnergy.fun is a super fun Minecraft-style game to mine resources and build generators for energy production.

How to play

Mine resources, buy in the store and put generators for energy production, put sale blocks to sell resources and energy for money. You can buy upgraded armor tools, new generators, and automatic miners.

Obtain mineral resources such as coal, iron, gold, diamond, uranium, etc. Each type of mineral has its miner for the extraction of resources.

Place generators: manual, solar, wind, coal, geothermal, water turbine, nuclear, etc. Each generator consumes a type of mineral and generates energy from it.

Then place small seller or big seller blocks to sell your resources for money, which you will need to buy improved tools such as iron picks, gold pick, etc. Depending on the type of tool you have, it will be the type of mineral you can mine.

You can also buy armor and weapons of different materials to attack or defend yourself.


WASD - move

Left click - hit

E - store

Shift - run

mine energy fun
mineenergy fun