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Game Description

ShootUp.io is an amazing zombie shooting io game, survive a constant horde of thousands of zombies trying to kill you. This game guarantees a lot of fun and shooting.

How to play

You find yourself stranded in a mysterious town full of zombies everywhere, get weapons and a lot of ammunition because the situation will get tense. Shoot the zombies to kill them and save your hide! Be careful every time you shoot or get into a car, the zombies will listen to you and come after you in a massive horde. Collect objects from the ground such as weapons, ammunition, kits, etc. Everything you need to survive the horde.

Every 100 zombies killed you can select an update for your character. You can also build a base or crush zombies with your car, but remember to have oil available to move by car.


Arrows / WASD - move

Left click - shoot

Right click - place wall

shoot up io
shootup io