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Game Description

Polic.io is an io game of cops vs. thieves, become a cop and chase the other players to arrest them

How to play

The game begins as a red car, flee from the policemen who move in blue cars. Collect the blue points to become a policeman and catch the red cars to get points, to catch a red car you just have to try to crash it. If you move in a red car and crash into another red car, you will be penalized by stopping for a few seconds, so be careful when driving.

If you collect a purple point you can start a race against another player, when the race begins you have to go to a part of the map marked in yellow, the first player to arrive wins the race and takes many points


Left click - increase speed

Right click - accept career challenge

Mouse / X wheel - stop race

1..5 - emojis

polic io