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Game Description

Piratez.io is an io game of pirate ships, navigate the ocean in search of islands to attack, obtain points and improve your ship, fight against other pirates who seek to sink your ship to the bottom of the ocean.

How to play

The objective is to be the player with the most points and with the most powerful ship, to obtain points, level up and improve your ship, you have to destroy the islands that are scattered around the ocean. To destroy an island you have to aim your guns towards it and shoot until you finish destroying it, but you have to be careful because the islands have cannons, that if you get too close they shoot you until you sink, it is best to shoot from a distance so as not to take damage .

By getting experience points you can level up and receive points to spend on your boat's skills, to improve your boat select the skill you prefer from the menu on the left of the screen. If you die when you start the game again you will receive some points to spend and start from a level a little lower than what you had before dying.

When you reach certain levels you can choose between a different ship, each with its own abilities. Finally beware of other players, some are quiet, but others will try to sink at all costs, choose whether to attack or flee.


WS / Arrows / QS / Mouse - move

Right click - move forward

Left click - shoot

E - automatic attack

1..6 - improvements

piratez io