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Game Description

Arras.io is an io game of tanks, it is a clone of the classic Diep.io created by fans, with more than 100 different tanks to try, a masterpiece. Undoubtedly you have to try this game.

How to play

For now Arras.io only has a game mode, an arena where there are four teams and a common area in the middle of the map where blue pentagons and other figures appear that when shooting and destroying them will give us points to improve our tank. Although it is not strictly necessary to go to that area, we can also find the pentagons and other figures in the rest of the map, which will also give us experience points.

At the bottom of the screen you will see the experience and level bar.

When you reach a new level it will show a menu with improvements for your tank, and every certain amount of levels reached you can evolve your ship to a different and more powerful.


WASD - move

Space - shoot

E - auto shot

R - disable auto shot

B - invert mouse buttons

C - auto spin

N - level up

V - invert keyboard buttons

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