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Game Description

About Agar.red

Agar red is one of numerous versions of a super popular game Agar io. You must absorb food (including smaller cells) and escape from bigger cells. There are many different modes. In some of them, our cell is super giant in the very beginning. In other modes, the food makes you many times bigger. The game is really interesting and complicated. Developers demonstrated a creative approach to the spirit of Agar io.

How to play

We start with a cell. The cell can spit out the mass. You can also split your cell into two halves, it helps in the process of hunting. Your cell eats the food (colored dots) and smaller players. The aim is really ambitious. When you become bigger, you slow down. Split up to speed up and catch other players. Remember that the divided cell can be absorbed easily. Moreover, when you eat a green prickly circle, your cell is broken into 10 pieces, and the enemies are waiting for this moment. It is a game for brave people!


The cell follows the mouse

Use Space to split

Use W to spit out the mass

agar red